General Meeting 1 - Spring 2018

We had our first general meeting for the Spring 2018 semester. During this meeting Mr. Alfredo Piedra, the President at Impresario Medical Software corporation and a UTEP alumni, gave a talk on Managing a Technical Project Team.

Afterwards, we had a presentation by each ESW Project Head. For Project Juarez, Abigail Ortega discussed previous Project Juarez workshops, the committees, and the next meeting. For Project Water Matters, Jesus Baca described our plans for the third iteration of our project. It was also announded that our Project Water Matters won the Texas Water Development Board's Texas Rain Catcher Award. For Project Delta, Carlos Rubio presented our goal to have 40% of UTEP buildings recycling by the end of the semester. Hugo Mendieta was very excited to discuss one of ESW's newest projects Mine-Rcycler. He discussed how the machine would work and was recruiting members to design the machine. Sarah Ponce de Leon, speaking on behalf of herself and Cynthia Diaz de leon, described our project collaboration with Aggies Without Limits at NMSU, Project Rise Up, to build a bridge in Puerto Rico. The participants chosen for Project Rise Up were also announced. Last but not least, Miguel Fraga speaking on behalf Daniel Castillo, described our international project to install water filters in the Phillipines with Project Thirst Naught.

ESW recruited for UTEP's annual day of volunteering, Project Move. We also talked about our Papaburger fundraiser that has a $50 gift card for the member who sells the most tickets. Sarah also talked about the MINT mentorship program and the goals for the semester. Nayeli Holguin introduced ESW STEM K-12 Outreach Program and recruited people to design and implement the workshops. ESW announced that it will be having its 1st Annual Banquet at the Double Tree Hotel in May 2018.

Officer Elections are coming up and it was announced that the President, Vice-President, and Project Manager positions are available for current officers, and the Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Coordinator, Historian, and Webmaster positions are available for all members.