2018 Sustainable Solutions Competition

This year's SSC was held on April 19-21st. With the help of Dr. William Hargove - Director of CERM, Mr. Jesus Licona - Assistant Director of Custodial and Grounds Operations, and Sarah Ponce De Leon - ESW Vice President, teams were judged based on the sustainability, feasability, and marketability of their projects. This years winner was the Green Pi's team, with Alexis Lopez, Fernando Garcia Castillo, and Erick Martinez-Maya. They won $500 and ESW will work with their team to implement their project idea. Thank you for everyone who participated and we hope to see you again next year!

The winning project was "Re-Chycle" and here is the summary from the team:

Concerned about a big issue we have in our university, chewing gum contamination and more with the fact that there is no culture of prevention for this problem, we worked in a project that will help to reduce this issue. Our project is called “Re-Chycle,” from the word Recycle and the word chicle (which means gum in Spanish). The project is to set up a series of eye-catching chewing gums collectors in strategic places across the campus, which will help to reduce gum contamination and keep walls, benches, desks, and floors of our University clean. With the implementation of these bins, we will not only help the campus save budget on cleaning the chewing gum, but we will also be helping the environment by recycling the collected chewing and transforming it into usable plastic polymers.