Project Juarez

Project Head: Abigail Ortega

Project Juarez is an open source project that involves repurposing old android devices to eventually become servers. For the most part when our phones are no longer aesthetically pleasing, we tend to either disregard or throw away our phones. The question is why? Essentially, we are throwing away a small computer. Servers can be used for a variety of purposes. This semester Project Juarez will be working with project members to host a website off of a repurposed android cellphone. Developing two different teams for software and hardware this could be a positive learning experience for you or magnify your skillset. With the community in mind we would like to utilize our skills in technology and innovation to produce something positive and echo friendly. Project Juarez wants to invite people of all disciplines to help collect and repurpose these devices to utilize the powerful machines that are inside.

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