Project Rise Up

Project Head: Cynthia Diaz de Leon, Sarah Ponce de Leon

Utuado, Puerto Rico suffered a strong hit that left them without a safe and fast route to leave the city. Most of the bridges are destroyed or severely damaged resulting in authorities deciding to close them down. This inconvenience has blocked the residents from obtaining potable water, essential necessities, and food in a timely manner. Project Rise Up is our vision to offer help to the community of Utuado. We propose to design and implement a pedestrian bridge and a solar array to energize the city. When complete, this project will provide access for residents basic human needs without the struggle of having to walk long distances or only depend on the sunlight to go about their day. This project is a collaboration between Aggies Without Limits at New Mexico State University (AWL-NMSU) and Engineers for a Sustainable World at the University of Texas at El Paso (ESW-UTEP). This project is in progress, as the land that will be used for the project has already been surveyed and logistics and design are in the making. The project had begun, by sending a group of seven: 3 students and 1 professor from UTEP and 4 students and three professors from NMSU to comense the surveying of the land. The recennt trip exposed the organization to understand the amount of need needed by the communities as well as the amount of funds needed to house and feed the upcoming advanced group and building group to accomplish the goals. The second trip to Puerto Rico will be mid May 2018 in order to begin the reconstruction. This is the first international project that ESW-UTEP is a part of. This project will be a job done by around 50 individuals from both NMSU and UTEP.